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Harry Potter Floating Candle For Room Decor Or Parties

Harry Potter Floating Candle For Room Decor Or Parties

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Emitting Color

Transform your space into a realm of enchantment with our mesmerizing Floating LED Candles. 🕯️✨ Designed to infuse every occasion with magic, these remote-controlled witchy delights bring an ethereal glow to your Halloween parties, birthdays, weddings, and even Christmas celebrations. 🎃🎂💍🎄

Description: Embrace the enchanting ambiance created by our Floating LED Candles. These mystical gems are the perfect blend of technology and magic, casting a gentle glow that sets the stage for moments of wonder and joy. 🌟✨

Features: 🕯️ Remote-controlled for ultimate convenience, these candles bring an otherworldly charm to your gatherings with just a flick of a button. 🔮 From Halloween parties bathed in a bewitching light to birthdays shimmering with magic, these candles weave an aura of enchantment around every celebration. 💍 Add an ethereal touch to weddings, as these candles light up your vows and wishes, making the occasion truly memorable. 🎄 And when Christmas arrives, let these candles bathe your home in a warm, cozy glow that captures the essence of the festive season.

Let the allure of our Enchanting Floating LED Candles guide you through an array of emotions and celebrations. Create a tapestry of magical moments that linger in the hearts of all who gather around their mesmerizing light. 🌙🌟

Each candle is about 6.7″ tall and is about 1″ in diameter.

The set comes with clear thread and sticky hook, which can be hung by tying the clear thread to the candle.

They will look adorable as a Halloween decoration or backdrop at a witch themed party.

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